Monday, August 29, 2016

The Feasts, the bus, radio. a mission update

This was is the Sabbath Table at the







First up needs today $487 for the WMC electric ASAP ( generally we get a donation that cover this but it is not in yet)\


Various other WMC bills etc $360


Radio blogtalk radio $49! (this is the next expansion place)


Work on the WMC:


We still could use some labor help and funds for materials, need to be done before September 24th  



This is our Sabbath table at the WMC

….I just love it, you see when the candles light the beautiful Sabbath has began, time to put the world away and time to meet with the MOST HIGH!


Anyway thoughts have went this Sabbath to the coming fall Feasts and the same question arises what will we do as you are really supposed to camp or at the very least go somewhere other than your home. I will not go into the depth of this…but if you do not know of tabernacles you need to and Esperance what is Called "The Season of OUR Joy"


Generally you are to set aside funds all year to do this, but alas mostly everything we own and what comes in goes into the WMC and radio.


Mechanics' and other who celebrate this Feast give on the Feast a donation to the poor and a donation  to the FATHER at whatever Feast, Synagogue, or Church they attend..


We used to have several people who made donations to us for the whole purpose of going somewhere on the Feast days of Tabernacles… We are pray that at least a couple of donations of this sort will come in early so we can plan something…


Also let us know what feast site you are going to this year please…


The Bus


Hardcore on your knees prayers are needed here!

As of today we have:

Replaced timing chain

Replaced throttle position sensor

Fuel pump

Plugs & wires




Rear heater electrical

Leaking hose to rear heater


Leaking hose where you put gas in

Oil Change


Rotated Tires

Blinker switch


Still yesterday we were so disappointed when it did not run right after replacing timing chain, better but not drivable the WMC really badly need the bus back!


This bus is a huge part of our ministry…


We are going to try the fuel filter praying that it is the problem…


I lost track of how much money we spent on it when we went past $700, no I do not have $4000 to replace it so please pray for it!


We need all the normal; winter donations, hats, gloves, Bibles, Over the counter medications. Sleeping bags, blankets…etc


Lift us in prayer help if you can,



In His Perfect Peace,

Pastor Dan Catlin


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