Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bus finished, well almost.....all lists





 Days and hours was spent going over the bus, in fact others we called in to help put shocks on, rotate tires, and come up with idea's for find the elusive short that stopped the blinkers and flasher's from working all this with no compensation for workers who spent many hours upon hours to find the problems.


(It would  be nice to do at least a cookout for these people but we have no funds to do so)


Finally yesterday I called over to my son who had given up the most to work on the bus putting projects that paid the bills aside to get the bus done to no avail, weeks if you will, I told him put the battery back in I want to try something. I arrived and he said the battery was indeed in, so I went to try something with the flasher I unplugged the flasher plugged it back and was waiting on my son to bring me a piece of bare wire…I turn on the key and felt the flasher it felt like it was clicking…I went to the back and found the blinker's working…


Well that brought on a bunch of jokes about how I just touched it and wow it all worked yuk yuk….but what must have happened was my son took the battery out to charge it after doing so he went around and in his words tightened a buck of  wires etc….it really must have been a ground wire at least we pray so…..


What's left we have had people called over and over to get the normal rides to the Mission Church so we take it bake right? Well it does still need the oil changed still, seems silly not to do that after everything else. We also need money to fill it up as it is completely out of gas….


We fixed:

Windows (only one went up or down)

Exhaust leak

Heater Fan

Spark Plugs

Wires and cap

Various shorts


Tires rotated


Many various loose or almost falling off things the bus is or was worn out

I am sure this list is bigger but I would have to site my son down to find out as he spent weeks on it even not working on other projects to bring in funds for his family…he has 4 children.


Si what I need is, money for an oil change and lube, $30, money to fill it up for the trip back to Wichita $90, and I would like to be able to at least give my son $100 for all his efforts no he has not asked for anything.


It I would have paid a shop to do this I would be looking at a bill over  a few thousand for labor…


It also would be nice to cook some simple hamburgers out for all the other people who jumped in an helped….I would need to buy about 30 pounds of burger to do this and buns…no they did not ask for anything…


But we cannot get the bus to Wichita without gas and I would like to get the oil changed and lubed….


Lift this in prayer help if you can,



In His Perfect Peace,

Pastor Dan Catlin


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